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At Web Central, our web development and website design teams are ready to assist you with all of your Joomla!® CMS (and other content management systesms) design needs. We understand that sometimes getting what you want can be difficult, but we work hard to make it easy! Let Web Central do all of the heavy lifting—just let us know your vision.

But, what's the difference between design and development?

Great question! Sometimes developers will mix the two together; however, they are actually two different things. Keep reading to learn the difference and then let us know what you need help with on your website.


Website Development is the portion of the website design that happens in the background. Development are the parts that you can't see—the coding, php, scripts and parts of the site that keep your website functioning. While web design is a part of Web Development, at Web Central, we like to separate the two.

For you, development can be how you want your website to work. Do you want custom forms, do you want certain backend functionality? These are the questions we will discuss during our kickstart meeting. We will also evaluate which portions of your new site will need custom code, extensions and modules. We will also discuss ways to continue enhancing the functionality and effectiveness of your new site—modifying processes and systems to make sure your website outdoes the competition.


Web Design, while under web development, is a little more detailed. Design involves the colors, layout and look of your site. When we discuss your new website and what you are looking for, we work hard to establish the exact look and feel you are going for.

At Web Central we introduce you to the possiblities of what your website can look like. We evaluate other websites within the industry and establish a design that will stand out. Based on your current site, we will also walk you through desired colors and the feelings you want the site to spark.

A Website That You Can Be Proud Of!

Whether it's some design changes or a full website overhaul, let Web Central help!