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Custom Extension Development


Creating powerful extensions to fit your every need!

Expanding the capabilities of Joomla!® to give you the website you desire!

Finding the exact thing you're looking for when it comes to website functionality can be difficult. Oftentimes we find website plugins and extensions that have the generic functionality, but don't quite meet our expectations...often forcing us to have to compromise functionality based on availability.

At web central, we remove the barrier of access by helping you create a website that works the way you want! We have created numerous custom Joomla! extensions and plugins that work specifically int he areas YOU need. Just tell us what you are looking for and we can take care of the rest.

But this has to be pretty costly, right?

WRONG! Not everything that is custom has to break the bank. Sometimes custom extension needs are simple, and just something that no one else has thought of. For example, If you, or your current web developer, are searching the Joomla Extension Directory (JED) to find a specific plugin that will allow your business' mobile app to sync a function with your website, you may not find it. But that's where Web Central comes in. We will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your needs and then give you the extension you need to get the job donee! Whether it is a specific document-reviewing system or an extension that will connect your website to an established program your company uses (like an api integration), our custom Joomla! extensions services might be just right for you!

The extensions listed in the JED can typically be generic, since they are meant to be sold to a mass quantity of Joomla users. With Web Central, we take programs and systems and shape them to fit your every need. It may not always be simple, but we guarantee that the customization will be worth it!

Our customization services are not only limited to creating new extensions. Soemtimes you might have a Joomla! extension that you love, but need to enhance the capabilities and functions to further match your needs. Web Central can work with you to modify previously installed extensions to create a better system and overall experience for your users.

Below are just a few of our custom Joomla! extensions and functions that we have been able to build for our clients. Each one was very specific, but gave the client so much freedom to continue working with their current programs and systems.

Custom Joomla! Extension Examples:

Grant Submission Process

This custom grant submission process allowed a non-profit organization to receive extension grant applications electronically. This extension also allowed the reviewers to log into the site and review each application; reading through the documents, leaving comments for the other board members and approving the application all by logging into the backend of their site.

Hotel Booking System API Integration

Web Central was able to build a custom api integration for hotel booking management using innRoad Booking Engine. This brought the Booking Engine system directly into the website, which showed available rooms and dates.

YMCA Daxko Program Database Joomla Integration

The YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) is a hefty non-profit organization with a lot of programs and registrations. Stimulus was able to take the main system that the YMCA uses – Daxko – and create an api that plugged into the Joomla! Website. This extension allowed people to register and pay for programs directly from the website, instead of through the Daxko website.

Customer Testimonial Guest Book

This custom extension linked reviews left at a restaurant or hotel directly on the website. The Guest Book worked through a tablet or phone that was set up by the company. Visitors were able to leave a review, through the electronic device, as they were leaving. This review (which could also be a comment to let people know they were there) would then appear on the website.

Sometimes custom is the way to go!

Not sure if a custom Joomla! extension is what you need? Give us a call or fill out our form today and we can help you decide what your options are!