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Joomla! Security Fixes


Ensuring that your Joomla! website has top security

Covering a slew of Joomla! security issues

Let Web Central help you with all of your Joomla!® security web fixes. Throughout our 10+ years of working with Joomla, and other content management systems (CMS), we have seen a number of people run into a variety of security issues. These include Joomla Hacks and even locking themseleves out of the adminsitrative login. See an issue and need our help? Keep reading to find out our process and how we can help keep your Joomla! website secure.

Joomla! hack removal

So you've experienced a hack on your website? Let Web Central help you solve the issue!

Hacking has been a very common and serious problem for many areas of the world-wide web. From email information to financial records, hacking has continued to cause serious problems for a number of organizations. Although Joomla! works diligently to keep CMS security effective, many users forget that they need to update their CMS and extensions.

If you are a victim of a Joomla! website hack, spam attack or malware, please give Web Central a call. We will narrow down the problem, isolate the hack and make sure that your site comes out alive!

What Web Central will do

  1. Identify the hack and which part of your site is infected
  2. Remove any viruses, malware, trojan horeses, hacker code, etc.
  3. Review site reports to identify areas of concern regarding future hacks
  4. Provide a report of future actions that might need to be taken in order to prevent future hacks or security issues
  5. Resubmit your site to search engines to let them know that the security issues have been fixed

Benefits of a hack removal

  • Site is recognized as a secure space for users
  • Relief from the attackers
  • Updated CMS
  • Functioning Website that will 

Joomla! site diagnosis

Are you experiencing some issues on your Joomla! website and think that they are connected/related to a possible security hack? Web Central will run a Joomla! Site Diagnosis to ensure that everything with your Joomla! website is up-to-par!

After analyzing the site, we will send you an electronic report with suggestions for what you might need to fix. This report will also contain Web Central's pricing.

This service is great for when you are experiencing two or more of the following issues with your Joomla! website:

  • Slow Page Loading Times
  • Strange redirects to pharmacy-related content
  • Trouble logging in
  • Unfamiliar images or text
  • Foreign code or content that was not added by an authorized user

What Web Central Will Do:

After running a Joomla! Site Diagnosis, Web Central will present you with our findings in the form of an electronic report. This report will include our suggestions on what actions you should take and an estimate for our services.

This diagnosis will also make sure that each of your Joomla! extensions is up-to-date and that all other outdated information is fixed. We will also set up parameters to ensure that your website doesn't get hacked in the future! 

Other Joomla! security services

Our other Joomla! security services include:

  • Joomla! administrative password recovery
  • Joomla! form spam submissions

Keep your Joomla! website safe from attacks

Web Central has helped a number of clients through Joomla! website hacks and security breaches! We want to help keep your website safe fram any attacks.