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Joomla Support Service Plans


Let the Web Central experts help you with your Joomla! needs!

Are you in need of Joomla! CMS experts to help you with your website? Whether its creating a custom page or just running a few Joomla!® extension updates, support for your website does not have to break the bank. We offer a variety of Joomla! web support services at a cost that you can afford. Our Web Central team is experienced, professional and knowledgeable about a variety of issues Joomla users run into every day!

Hourly/Monthly Rates

Below are our Joomla! Support Service Plans where you can choose how much you use us! Whether you just need a few hours to fix one thing, or would like to purchase 10 hours for the next four months, Web Central is here to help you.

Number of Hours Hourly Rates Monthly Subscription Rates
(Save 20% — minimum of 4 months)
1 Hour $125 $100 per month
3 Hours $315
(@ 105 an hour)
10 Hours $950
(@ 95 an hour)
20 Hours $1,800
(@ $90 an hour)
40 Hours $3,400
(@ $85 an hour)

Not quite sure which plan is best for you?

No worries! Contact us and give us a little more information about the support you need. From there, our team can assist you in picking out the plan that will give you the most return on your investment!