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The contact form builder you've needed for your Joomla website is here! This powerful Joomla!-based contact form is heavily customizable, giving you the freedom to create the form you need. Whether you are using this extension as a payment gateway form or as a way for people to contact your business, aiContactSafe was designed for you!

Keep reading to see the features, security and more!

Launching February 2023

Collect Information

Collect the information you need quickly, efficiently, and online. Forms can be HIPAA-compliant for medical clients and can also be utilized for numerous functions.

Connect With Potential Customers

aiContactSafe is the perfect way for potential and current customers to get connected with your business.

Increase Efficiency

This Joomla! form extension, can eliminate some phone calls and also help your users by just filling out a simple, online form instead of dealing with paper, PDFS and scanners.


aiContactSafe is a Joomla-based extension to help you build forms and manage form submissions. These forms can be used for various needs, including general contact form submissions, employment applications, pre-payment forms, customer information forms, and much more.

With this form builder, you have the power to choose not only what forms customers or users fill out, but also which people those form submissions go to within your own team.

It's simple to use. Create the fields you want to be featured on your form. Build the profile (form) and the layout of the fields in one simple place. Add the profile to a Joomla module or article. Make the page live and begin receiving submissions!

Now you can make forms the way you want without the hassle of feeling stuck in the confines of a box. This powerful form-building extension is ready to help make your website more efficient while keeping the visual integrity you have worked so hard to create.



In aiContactSafe, you have the power to choose what type of field you need. With over 25 fields to choose from, you will be able to easily and efficiently build a form that works for your Joomla! website.

Field types include your standard name, email, phone, and address fields.


Build as many "profiles" as you need. Whether you need multiple contact forms for different items or want a form for each individual of your business, the power is in your hands.


Unlike the standard Joomla! form that comes with the website and other form builder extensions, aiContactSafe stores your form submissions in the backend of Joomla. Messages can also be sent in an email to whichever emails you set within the profile section.


Now you have the ability to send auto-form submission responses to users. These messages/emails can be customized to say exactly what you want the user to know. Want to keep it simple? That works too. Just enable the auto-responder function and users will receive a copy of their form submission.

Automatic Email Alerts

Need your form to go to a specific team or group? No worries. With ai-ContactSafe form builder, you are able to select which individuals need to receive the form submissions. Even better than that, form submissions can go to multiple email addresses.

Custom CSS

aiContactSafe is built to take on the design of your Joomla website. Don't like how it looks? No worries! You can edit how the form looks through custom CSS right within the component. 

Quick Facts

  • 25+ predefined fields to build your form

  • Ability to create multiple forms in one place

  • Each form profile can be inserted into a custom module to add to any part of your website

  • Customer Relations Management (CRM) capabilities to ensure that you keep track of each submission

  • Mailer log to keep track of emails

  • Contains a "bad words" filter to block spammers using pre-defined keywords from submitting forms

  • Dynamic form builder that can be used for simple contact forms or job applications

  • Unlimited amount of possibilities through css capabilities

  • Download list of submissions as csv files for all or individual forms

  • Form builder for each profile. Includes rows and columns to create and build simple or robust forms.

  • Ability to create form templates and then export/import to various Joomla websites

Frequently Asked Questions

Why aiContactSafe?

aiContactSafe is a powerful Joomla! form builder extension for basic and more advanced Joomla! users. This form builder is simple to use while also allowing more advanced users the ability to customize the look and functionality of the form.

Through custom CSS functionality within the form component, Joomla users no longer have to hassle with custom CSS files within their cPanel. Now you can work right within the ai-ContactSafe platform to modify the look and feel of the form, as well as modify how fields operate.

What field types are available?

The following field types are available with aiContactSafe:

  • Name
  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Text Field
  • Text Area
  • Dropdown List
  • Email Dropdown List
  • Checkbox Field
  • Checkbox List
  • Checkbox Email List
  • Radio Buttons
  • Date
  • File Upload
  • Sign Option
  • Hidden Email Field
  • Carbon Copy to Sender
  • Simple Captcha
  • ReCaptcha
  • Buttons
  • Text Separators
What if a field type I need is not in the form builder?

aiContactSafe has several field types that can be used for a variety of field options. Not seeing what you are looking for? No worries. Just send us a message and we would be more than happy to work with you to develop the field you need.

I don't like the styling from the Joomla template I chose. How do I change the look of the form?

Each form can be specifically customized and tailored to your needs with the custom CSS styling function within the component. Just make sure you utilize the name of the profile (form) within your CSS and the changes should take effect.

Need more assistance, reach out to our team for help.